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Zero Waste Approach

What can we do more besides recycling, reusing & repurposing?


Throw Away Less

Ridgeback loves being outside and appreciates its beauty. This message is not a lecture about climate change or sustainability; it is not why we are here. We are here because we are presenting an idea.


As consumers, we are searching for a product that is made out of some percentage of recycled content. But realistically, recycled materials are costly.


Our idea is called "Zero Waste." It means to use every inch of the fabric of attempting not to waste any of it in the trash. Simple right? Not really. It's all based on how much material is used and what shapes are utilized. As a brand, we want to build awareness of how much we put in the trash. Have you looked at how much you take out every week in the dumpsters in alleyways or your trash bins? It's soul-crushing. If you want to be more sustainable or make a small change on day-to-day basis, what can you throw away less?

Design & Development

Fabric width varies based on their quality and how they're weaved. Most synthetic fibers range from 58" - 60". The type of fabric that will be used for this is Nylon 420D Pack Cloth. The white shapes represents pattern pieces where they would be placed and cut onto the fabric. The blue shows what will can be utilized and the red pieces are discarded. Some supply chain reduce the production wastage for at least 5-7% and Ridgeback managed to reduce it to 1-2%.

design and develoment

Smart Packing

The brand values this quote from Dieter Rams, "Less, but better." The double meaning of this quote is that by doing less, we can improve ourselves because we gain time and energy. By doing less, we will have more. Also mean more time to go outside.

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