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Looking for Testimonials from Happy Clients

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Our first pack - La Dora - has been an amazing success for us! We have used it to build and leverage our brand within the climbing community. The La Dora pack was created to reach a need for designing packs that can be better used for anything that you do. Whether you’re climbing, commuting, biking, or traveling around the world.

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Here are a few reviews...


"Have you seen these awesome @ridgebackltd backpacks in our gear shop? They're from a local Colorado climber and designer! Be sure to come check them out, they're perfect for your next trip to the crag or as your new gym bag!"

"This a super cute, yet rugged pack. The sapphire color is my favorite. It’s the perfect size that, even if you stuff it, it’s still not too heavy to carry all day. Now that I’m back to work post-pandemic, I haven’t had as much time for climbing. But my pack has been busy carrying all my work tools, computers, clothing, etc. and the waterproof zippers are the VIP for rainy NYC days. I can’t wait to buy more as presents!"

"I've used my Ladora pack for a few months. My pack goes everywhere with me. Around town (normally NYC), on errands, on vacation, to work, to play...everywhere! I'm quick to get a new bag if the one I'm using can't keep up. (I abuse my packs!) I downsized from a 36L pack to this 20L pack, and not missing the other 16L of space. Daily, I lug around a 13" laptop, and an iPad in the laptop sleeve, a bunch of handy tools and chargers (and my lunch) in the shoe compartment, a bunch of random crap in the main compartment, and an assortment of stuff (keys, chapstick, hand sanny, etc) in the smaller pockets. I carry around a half-gallon water bottle that seemingly doesn't fit into any water bottle pocket ever made, but I easily clip it onto one of the straps on the bag. #hydrate Not daily, I'll use this as my overnight bag. It can easily fit, a pair of jeans, 2 t-shirts, a bunch of socks and underwear, and a sweatshirt in the main compartment with my laptop in the laptop sleeve. (When I'm on a plane, I'll make some snacks fit too!) The shoe compartment usually will hold my electronic chargers, and [climbing] shoes + harness. All that stuff and it fits under the seat in front! I give the bag as many thumbs up as I can suits my needs, it's easy to navigate, it's comfortable, it seems durable, and maintains it's shape (not a floppy piece of cloth.) "

La Dora Key Features - Why our Clients love it!

Excited to review a few key features of our Ladora Backpack Design

  • Removable sternum straps

  • Durable, water resistant, abrasion resistant

  • Waterproof zippers

  • Roomie shoe compartment separate from the main body of the bag

  • Laptop sleeve

  • Mesh foam for back comfort

  • 38 MM Aluminum G-hook

  • One expandable water bottle pockets

  • 15” laptop sleeve

  • 3 additional pockets for smaller items

See our Ladora Features posts. ( Ladora Features: Shoe Compartment)

Note From the Creator-

I created Ladora because I was picky about what type of pack I needed. Then a thought came across my mind that many people out there feel the same way too. Everything I own was heavy and always black. I was just adding too much stuff in the pack and NEVER use them throughout the day. The load felt heavier on my shoulders and drained most of my energy. #packwhatyouneedandgetout In my thought process, I designed it small and lightweight for people who only bring the essentials.

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