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Repair offer.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Introducing the idea of "RE".

Repair, Rewear, good as new again.

We can help repair your pack. Send a picture and send it to this

contact. And we'll talk about how to proceed forward.

#climbing #getoutside #repair #supportsmallbusiness #letsfixittogether

Fixing gear reduces your environmental impact and helps you hold onto those memories you created when you use it.

Take time to maintain & repair your equipment

Climbers know the importance of keeping their ropes dry, clean, and inspected.

How to Inspect Your Climbing Gear and When to Retire It

APRIL 1, 2020 Bennet Slavsky

How to Inspect a Climbing Rope (When should I retire my rope?)

JUNE 23, 2022 Alison Dennis


Camping is in Tents

Sometimes a wicked storm can throw branches.

We went out Whitewater Rafting at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. On the second night of our three-day trip, we woke in the night to our tent spinning above us! Stakes ripped out, rain fly flailing like a kite, just our bodies were holding down the middle of the tent...

We managed to wrangle the fly down with some rocks & sleep thru the rest of the Dust Devil (or Something). The tent survived with just two small holes.

Here is the product found at REI we used to patch it up - Noso Patchdazzle Gear Repair Kit

Noso Patches is another USA company helping people get outdoors.

#climbing #getoutside #repair #supportsmallbusiness #letsfixittogether

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