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How to use it?

Besides Climbing...

Keep your items clean. Switch out your shoes and store them in the special compartment. Need to go on a quick workout or climbing sesh right after work? Bike there or car ride there. Designed for climbers by a climber, but it can be used for other things as well.

It's great for commuting if you're ever on a bike.

#commuting #finallygettingbackonagrind #letsclimb #letsride #packonlytheessentials

Special feature:

  • Bottom compartment: the separation from the main body of the bag.

Other relevant features include:

  • Laptop sleeve

  • 2 zipper pockets at the flap and front

  • Accordion pocket with velcro closure at the opening

  • Water bottle pocket

The Special Feature Usage: Give it a test.

Climbing Sesh

  1. Gear hardware separation: belay device, quickdraws, carabiners

  2. Climbing shoes

  3. Harness

  4. Chalk bag

  5. Beers :)

Commuter Biker

  1. Bike shoes

  2. Bike tools and other hardware

  3. Lunch bags

  4. Beers. Don't to drink and ride. ;)

Let us know how you use it. Give us the shout for testimonials!

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