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How to pack it?

One Rope, One Rack

Are you new to climbing? Did you buy yourself a set of shiny quickdraws, carabiners, personal anchor system and even spent a fresh new 70M rope? And you're just heading outside for the first time with a group of people.

Surprisingly enough, you can stuff in a 20L Ladora pack a LOT more than you think if you know how to pack it right. You want to know how.

Sometimes in a group, other climbers will always bring extra gear or another set of ropes. So there are cases where you do not need to pack everything. Just the essentials you need.

This pack is great for short approaches.

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Utilize these key features

  • Bottom compartment (a lot more room)

  • Webbings straps on the sides

  • Front Pocket

  • Main compartment on top

How this climber packed it

Pack in this order:

  1. Bottom compartment contains pack 12 quickdraws, belay device, personal anchors and harness.

  2. Front pocket - guide book

  3. Main compartment - 70M rope bag

  4. Webbing straps - Clip shoes and chalk bag together

  5. Bottle pouch on the left

Give it a test. Let us know how you used it.

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