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EBikes - Commuter Biker's Dream

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Do you know anyone who commutes daily? People who can't afford cars or new gorgeous bikes scroll through marketplace to find the type of bike they think they want. Many people who commute daily buy bikes on the marketplace. A friend of mine recently bought a mountain bike (full suspension) for 600 dollars, which is relatively cheap compared to what they would typically pay in stores.

After months of patience and slowly upgrading with new gear trinkets, the bike itself added so much value. The bike was a symbol of commitment and hard work, it turned out to be everything they wanted, and it looked beautiful.

When he finally saved up more money, he recently added a motor and a battery. He created something faster, a new type of ebike (not only for petal assist) with his bare hands. It runs almost like a dirtbike (50 mph). Probably need some pads and a bigger helmet. He built this bike specifically for him to commute 30 miles a day just to go to school.

Buy or Rent?

Rent them out first or test ride all of them to see which you prefer. It helps to understand what you want. Like mountain bikes, there is a wide range of them for different terrains.


Once you're set in stone for the bike you want and you saved that money to invest in a new bike, better make the deposit quick because nowadays bikes are selling faster than ever. Happy riding!

“Life’s Too Short Not To Go Big” – Josh Bender


If you leisurely like to go on bike rides, there's no need to buy an expensive bike. Renting one out for a day or a weekend is plenty enough to get a great experience. There are certain bike shops where you won't rent them out just because the bike demands are high. So another option is to test-ride them. Once you get the idea of the type of bike you want, you'll be able to hunt them on marketplace or craigslist.

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