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Ladora has a big sister: Eldora

It's ROCKTOBER and it's time to observe some packs!

Eldora out in the wild.

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This is Eldora.

This pack is made for 'cragging'. To pack the gear you need to set out a climb you really want to send whether it's a multi-pitch or a single pitch, trad or sport.

It is uniquely designed to separate your gear however you like. There are two partition split down at the side of this pack. It contains two openings instead of one. The first partition is located at the back which is opened with a roll top, accessible to add in gear with ease: quickdraws, double rack, flake the 70M nylon rope or rope bag. The second partition is at the front where the flap opens with a waterproof zipper and add in with all the soft gear, lunches or jackets.

Got into sticky situations?

Similar Experiences?

Do you pay attention of the way you pack your gear? You lay everything out on the floor so methodically, take a few shots for an Instagram post, then pack in an orderly fashion. Then after all that tiresome of stuffing, you realize you needed something and it's at the very bottom of the pack... Then you're in this dilemma whether you want to take them out OR "I'll unpack it later when I get there."

Well the solution is you can pack it as creatively as you want without having to worry to unpack everything at once. That is what the two partition openings are for: pack with ease and organize your essentials the way you want it.

Bad day to climb?

The weather is looking really bad. You're in the middle of the climb and it's starting to sprinkle out. The route is getting wet. You and your partner are deciding whether to stay and pray it'll clear out or just call it a day. In some cases, the weather is not in your favor and you're rushing to pack everything to avoid getting wet, especially your precious gear. The rush makes everything disoriented sometimes: not bailing your expensive gear, putting on rain jacket, flaking and burrito-wrapping the rope, and getting the hell out of there.


Flake your rope in the roll top, it keeps your rope clean and dry. Put your quick draws and other metal gear in the other opening and leave the crag. Quick and easy.

Keep all gear in one place.

Separation is key.

Planning to stay at the wall for the entire day? Climbers get pretty hungry after a couple routes. Most packs are relatively one big sack and we stuff everything in there including our foods. And from what we learned these past couple years about germs, we are starting to pay a little more attention of where we're placing our food in the pack. No more snacks on top of the stinky shoes and no more cross-contamination.

Suggestions: How do you pack it?

  • Front Pocket is designed to keep your guidebook within reach.

  • Top Pocket is intended for any small items.

  • Front Partition - keep soft gear or foods.

  • Back Partition - hard gear (metal) and/or rope bag.

  • Webbing - carry any extra gear.

  • Water Resistant Nylon Pack Cloth

  • Waterproof zippers.

To those who are organized and want to pack only the essentials, this product is right for you.

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