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Our Story

A climber was inspired to create a collection of backpacks that are at home in the city but designed for work out in the wild. Traveling one place after another, she began to pay close attention to the functionality of the backpacks she'd owned before. These continuous thoughts start to build up her curiosity which made her want to create a unique product with compartments and smart functionality without losing the urban, city life style.


Believe in change

Our brand appreciates nature and our quality time being outside. And that's why, we strive to rethink about
how we should design these packs: what materials they are made out of, how are they developed and where
it's produced. Our mission is simple. We care to make better decisions, strive for better ethical practices and rethink our designs that can benefit for the user and the environment.

"Less, but better." - Dieter Ram

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